Physical Therapy

We offer the latest tools to assist the body in the healing process. We utilize passive and active physical therapy treatments to increase blood flow, reduce adhesion formations, decrease pain sensation and stimulate healing of connective tissue. The modalities include electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, heat packs, cold packs, diathermy, TENS units, deep tissue massage, Cox distraction and Vertebral Axial Decompression treatment for disc issues.

We practice with Passive physical Therapy like hot packs, ultrasound and diathermy. These modalities are heating tools to increase circulation to injured areas. Your body reacts to deep heat by “flushing” the area with blood flow. This will bring nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissues, while removing the toxins, such as lactic acid that can irritate the area.

EMS or Electric Muscle Stimulation is a very effective treatment for reducing pain, swelling and spasm. This is usually coupled with the hot pack for 12-10 minutes, to a treated area.

NMT or Neuro Muscular Therapy (massage) is an excellent treatment to manually, by hand, work the soft tissues. This lengthens fibers, reduces adhesions, moves fluid and rehabilitates muscles and ligaments. This is usually a 30 minutes session of deep tissue work.

Decompression treatments are performed using a special table to treat spinal disc issues like hesitations, bulges and stenosis. Treatment in the back is 15 minutes and neck 12-15 minutes. Read more under the decompression file on our site.

Active Physical Therapy means the patient actively participates with the treatment. This would include exercise with MedX Rehabilitation machines for stabilizing the neck and low back. These are very specialized computer guided machines that isolate the weaken muscles in the back and neck. Testing and exercise program are typically twice a week for 12 weeks. Each session is only a few minutes, one set of exercise to complete fatigue. See our link to the MedX site for more information.

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